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Textpattern Hosting – Web App Overview

Textpattern is free, open-source software that simplifies the publication of well-structured, standards-compliant web pages.

But it’s also somewhat minimalist, compared to more established platforms like WordPress and Joomla.

Its strong point is the propriety markup that allows HTML coders to include ‘smarts’ in the code: dynamic content and functionality that would normally require a developer to build.

Who uses Textpattern?

Textpattern may appear as a simple web application but it’s versatile. It caters to bloggers, designers with coding skills and developers who prefer working a platform free form bloat.

For content writers and publishers, this CMS allows you to put your written word online quickly. You can manage page layout, design how you want the articles to be displayed, and even convert plain text to valid HTML with Textile (or Markdown via a plugin). It offers clean URLs for SEO.

It supports hundreds of plugins, extending the range of the core functions.

Furthermore, the software is standards-compliant out of the box.


  • Quickly search old articles by keyword
  • Up-to-the-minute visitor/referrer logs
  • Browser-based template and CSS editing
  • Unlimited site sections
  • Unlimited article, link, file and image categories
  • Browser-based file and image upload & organization
  • Fast intuitive editing of articles, links, comments, page elements
  • Posting, editing & design privileges hierarchy
  • Unlimited site authors
  • Browser-based plugin installation and maintenance
  • Import content from other content management systems
  • Built-in search engine
  • Visitors can subscribe to custom article and link XML feeds
  • Browse categories and sections via popup or link list
  • Adjustable date/time stamps on articles
  • Articles can be set to appear at future date/time
  • Comments are accepted on a per-article basis
  • Comments may be closed after a fixed time or on the fly
  • Password-protect site sections, or even specific articles

Textpattern: Screenshots

When you open the Textpattern administration interface, you are directed to the ‘Write’ page immediately.

The Write tab:

Coding a Page template:


Try it yourself. Go to the demo page.

Websites using Textpattern

There are approximately 80 websites in Australia using Textpattern and 2,730 worldwide (source:

Here are some examples of what can be achieved with Textpattern:

  1. Solborg Folkehøgskole (
  2. National Wiffle League Association (
  3. Art and Culture Center/Hollywood (

Hosting Requirements *1

The latest version of Textpattern (4.6) requires:

  • PHP 5.3.3+.
  • MySQL 4.1+.
  • The PHP mysqli extensions.
  • The PHP XML extension and JSON extension (both included by default in PHP).
  • Your php.ini file needs to contain a date.timezone setting.
  • Your MySQL user responsible for communicating with the database requires at minimum the following grant privileges: SELECT, CREATE, ALTER, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DROP, INDEX, LOCK TABLES. Some plugins may additionally require: CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, CREATE VIEW.

Maximum system requirements:

  • PHP 5.4+ in mod_phpor fastcgi mode
  • MySQL 5
  • PHP extensions:
  • mbstring
  • Zlib
  • Apache 1.3+ or 2.0+ with mod_rewrite
  • A Unix server OS with locale support

*1 Accurate the the time of writing.

Getting started with Textpattern

You can install Textpattern on Hosting Cloud via the One Click Application Installer.

Also, you can download the app from Textpattern’s website and follow the instructions there.


Publisher: Textpattern
Category: Blog / CMS
Initial release: 2003
Language: PHP
Dev/s: Team Textpattern
License: GNU GPLv2
Price: Free

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