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Typo3 Hosting – Web App Overview

With its dynamic, expanded scripting language, Typo3 is a blue-chip enterprise-class CMS.

Typo3 was launched back in 1998 with a focus on multi-language and localisation functions.

It is built with AJAX-based backend and intelligent API framework for developing extensions and custom features. It has a rich-text editor which allows you to create content in a full-featured, customisable interface.

Who uses Typo3?

Its diverse users range from multinational corporations, universities, small businesses to non-profit groups. It’s also often used for large news portals.


  • Open Source
  • Safety First
  • HTML5 + Mobile Ready
  • Responsive Image Rendering
  • Mobile Device Preview
  • Multisite Management
  • File Abstraction Layer 2.0
  • Multilingual
  • Workflow, Versioning, Workspaces
  • Extensive functions for editors
  • High scalability with API-based framework
  • Unlimited expandability with its “App Store”
  • Comprehensive granular access rights
  • Distribution Management
  • Professional, Community and Commercial Support
  • Flexible designs
  • Extensive documentation
  • Intuitive AJAX drag & drop
  • Easy templating
  • Automatic caching
  • Frontend and Built-in image editing
  • Integrated search

A closer look at Typo3

Last December 2017, Typo3 has launched version 9.0.0 which pave the way for more advanced system features.

You can do a test run of the software on the demo page.

Websites using Typo3

Approximately 618,000 active sites are using TYPO3, and more than 800 of these are located in Australia. (source:

Here are some Typo3-based websites:

(source: TYPO3 Websites)

Hosting Requirements

Supported Infrastructure:

  • Operating System: Unix (e.g. Linux), Windows or Mac
  • Webserver: Apache (recommended), IIS, NGINX
  • Middleware: PHP (see packages for required versions)
  • Database: MySQL or any other database system supported by Doctrine DBAL (e.g. MSSQL, Postgres, Oracle etc.)
  • Hardware: at least 256 MB of RAM. As with all database-driven applications, more RAM is advisable.


  • GraphicsMagick (standalone) or ImageMagick
  • GDlib/Freetype (compiled with PHP)
  • zlib (compiled with PHP)
  • Apache with mod_gzip/mod_deflate/mod_rewrite
  • A PHP-Cache (e.g. APCu / PHP-Accelerator / OPcache / Zend Accelerator, UNIX/Linux only)

Typo3 system requirements are consolidated on this page.

(Accurate at time of writing).

Getting started with Typo3

Typo3 can be easily installed on Hosting Cloud via the One Click Application Installer.

Or, you can click the Download button at the upper right corner of the Home page. A how-to guide is provided for you to follow through.


Publisher: Typo3
Category: CMS
Initial release: 1998
Language: PHP, SQL, JavaScript
Dev/s: TYPO3 Association
License: GNU General Public License
Price: Free

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