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Coppermine Hosting – Web App Overview

Coppermine is an advanced, PHP-based image gallery script

Using GD or ImageMagick as the image repository, Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) is user-friendly (although, some basic knowledge of FTP is advisable) and fully-integrated to support other multi-media/data files.

CPG has been a well-adopted software among web developers and site designers because of its feature set, robust security as well as user management.

Who uses Coppermine?

The CPG software is useful not only for image-hosting websites such as celebrity & fan sites, photographer portfolio pages, and community-based web spaces.

While professional and amateur photographers use CPG to showcase their snapshots, business websites utilize it to display products images as well as marketing-related visuals.


  • arrangement of pictures in categories and albums;
  • picture information stored in database;
  • users can upload pictures with web interface or ftp (and admin can batch-add to database);
  • full multimedia support
  • creation of thumbnails and intermediate size pics;
  • search feature, last added, random picture;
  • user management (private galleries, groups);
  • integration of user management with various bbs (like phpBB, YaBB SE, SMF, Invisionboard, vbulletin);
  • caption, title, description, and user defined fields for each picture (searchable);
  • easy install (installer provided);
  • multi-lingual, user comments;
  • e-card feature;
  • slideshow viewer, picture-resize on upload;
  • all features customizable with web interface (admin section);
  • template system;
  • user membership in multiple groups;
  • upload approval notice for admin;
  • EXIF/IPTC support;
  • language selection option in template;
  • image rotation, multi-pic upload;
  • separation of the breadcrumb block so that it can be placed independently of category in the template;
  • option to choose max height or width for thumbnails will help in creating nicer looking thumbnail rows and cols;
  • option to display a clickable filmstrip of thumbnails below the image display;
  • option to show first level albums of a category instead of just statistics of the category;
  • option of turning on OR off the showing of “Private” Icon to unlogged / unprivileged user;
  • title option to sort in albums;
  • online help feature for the admin pages;
  • plugin-API;
  • English as a fallback language for un-translated entries in language files;
  • password-protected albums, more admin-settable user profile fields;
  • bbs integration settable with a wizard-like user interface;
  • advanced search (boolean operators)

Coppermine up-close

The Admin Interface:


FTP page:

CPG is currently running version cpg1.5.46.

Explore what you can do with the software by going to the demo page.

Websites using Coppermine

About 4,900 live websites are using CPG, and 17 of these sites have a physical location in Australia. (source:

A sample of CPG-powered websites:

Hosting Requirements

  • Good web server (Apache recommended);
  • PHP (4.2.0 or better; full PHP 7 support with cpg1.6.x);
  • MySQL (3.23.23 or better; 4.x recommended);
  • either GD or ImageMagick (any version).

CPG has been operating satisfactorily on IIS, Apache 1.3.24 onwards to the latest Apache 2, on Linux, UNIX, OSX, and Win32 systems.

Getting started with Coppermine

For quick install of the CPG app, do it on Hosting Cloud via the One Click Application Installer.

You can also download it directly from the CPG website. How-to tutorials are available.


Publisher: Coppermine Photo Gallery
Category: Photo Gallery
Initial release: 2003
Language: PHP / MySQL
Dev/s: The Coppermine Development Team
License: GNU / GPL
Price: Free

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