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Grav Hosting – Web App Overview

Grav is a powerful, sophisticated flat-file CMS boosted with smart security features

As a content management system (CMS), Grav is a promising feature-rich platform. Since it is flat-file based, there’s no database involved. All data are stored in files and folders which makes development and migration speedy and lightweight in the long run.

It is an open source software that supports both HTML and markdown content. It also utilises modern standards such as Twig for templates and customisation.

Who uses Grav?

Grav has been a software of choice for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and school websites.


  • Simple, Intuitive Interface
  • Built-in Package Manager
  • Enjoyable Content Creation
  • One-Click Installs and Updates
  • Flat-File Nature
  • Flexible Configuration Settings With Its Advanced Forms
  • Powerful Markdown Editor
  • Stellar Performance
  • Powerful Content Filtering
  • Dynamic Content Types
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Image Media Processing
  • Easy Theme Customization
  • Extensive Documentation
  • SEO Friendly
  • Powerful Configuration Overrides
  • Smart Caching
  • Extensive Plugins Available
  • Usage Statistics Chart
  • Responsive

Browse this page to get a full view of the features and functionality.

A closer look at Grav CMS

The Package Manager

Grav is currently on stable version 1.3.10 and its Beta Version 1.4.0-Beta.

Get hands-on experience with the app on the demo page.

Websites using Grav

Out of 9,000+ active sites that are using Grav CMS, 90 of them are Australian-owned. (source:

Here are some Grav-powered sites:

Hosting Requirements

  •  Web server (Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, Lightly, IIS, etc.)
  • PHP 5.5.9 or higher
  • A PHP user cache such as APC, APCu, XCache, Memcached, or Redis is highly recommended for optimal performance.
  • Required Apache modules:
    • mod_rewrite
    • mod_ssl
  • Required PHP modules:
    • gd
    • curl
    • openssl
    • zip
    • mbstring
    • xml
  • Recommended Tools:
    • Text Editors – Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad++, Bluefish
    • Markdown Editors – MacDown, LightPaper, MarkDrop, MarkDownPad
  • FTP Clients:
    • Transmit
    • FileZilla
    • Cyberduck
    • ForkLift

(Accurate at time of writing).

Grav’s system requirements can also be viewed here.

Getting started with Grav

Grav can be installed on Hosting Cloud via the One Click Application Installer.

Or, you can hit the Get Grav button on their website. A quick how-to guide is provided there.


Publisher: Grav
Category: Blog / CMS
Initial release: 2014
Language: PHP
Dev/s: RocketMe
License: MIT
Price: Free

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